Up-coming Event: Drum and Chat @ Kiwanis Park

On Thursday September 8th, in lieu of our normal thursday meetup, we will be meeting at Kiwanis park at Ramada 7 to visit, laugh, chat and maybe even drum a little bit.  Bring something to drink, a char or blanket, a drum or other instrument (not amplified music, please) and bug spray.  The area is mostly shaded but sunscreen if you’re sensitive.  We’ll be gathering at 6:00 until about 8:30.  The park closes at 10:00.  This is a drug and alcohol free gathering. Click on the map below to get a view of the park.  Ramada 7 is at the lower left hand edge of the lake.  North is right ->



Up-Coming Events

  • Thursday Magical Thursdays: Theme Spirit
    Camaraderie and discussion
    August 11th
    @ Private Location.  6 to 8:30.  Circle cast at 6:30.
    Near Brown and the 202 in East Mesa
    Use Contact-Us form to obtain the location
  • Thermistice: semi-ritual and frolic
    The Sonoran Desert version of August 1st Celebration
    Warning: There will be Water and Ice Cream
    Saturday August 6th, 3:00PM to 9:00PM
    Location: near Ray and Mcqueen in Chandler Az
    Use Contact-Us form to obtain the location

Musings of the Fool


I’ve started reading Rachel Pollack’s book, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, and came across this little gem in the first chapter.

“People often confuse the purposes of spiritual disciplines…Accepting the doctrine that we have fallen from a perfect state to a limited one, the occultist does not believe we must simply wait passively for some future redemption by an outside agent. On the contrary, he/she believes it is our responsibility to bring about that redemption by finding the key to unity.

“The Tarot is not the key. It represents a process, and one of the things it teaches us is that we make a mistake when we assume that unification comes through any simple key or formula. Rather, it comes through growth and increased awareness as we travel step by step through the twenty-one stages of the Major Arcana.

“For example, consider the misunderstood word innocence. It doesn’t mean ‘without guilt’ but rather a freedom and a total openness to life, a complete lack of fear that comes through a total faith in living and in your own instinctive self. Innocence does not mean ‘asexual’ but instead sexuality expressed without fear, without connivance and dishonesty. It is sexuality expressed spontaneously and freely, as the expression of love and the ecstasy of life.

“The Fool bears the number 0 because all things are possible to the person who is always ready to go in any direction. He is not fixed like the other cards. His innocence makes him a person with no past, and therefore an infinite future. Every moment is a new starting point.”

So, having just returned from California Witchcamp, I have yet another personal goal to add to my “to do” list (in addition to learning to drum-what fun!).

I’m going to revisit the Tarot with Reclaiming eyes, starting with the innocent Fool and his infinite possibilities, and the firm belief that anything can happen, regardless of events of the past.

We are the change, and love is the law. The only law that matters.  We can make it so. And So Mote It Be.






AZ Tribe has 10 traveling to witchcamp this year

Guess what?

Each event we hold we have 2 donation baskets.  One is marked “Send a witch to camp” and the other is for general funds.  Now, most of our events are No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds, but the basket offerings help out in a variety of ways.

The general funds supplement our ritual and social activites (coffee on cold-morning rituals, provided us with Ostara Eggs filled with crystals, candies, fortunes) and so on.  And there’s always the occasional candles and incense, draped fabric, and other things which make the rituals go from good to GREAT.

But its the “Send a witch to camp” basked that we’re most excited about today!!!  The California Witchcamp (http://www.californiawitchcamp.org) has scholarships that help those who may have difficulty in obtaining all of the funds required for the week of super-cool transformation.

In our group’s early days we pondered “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a scholarship that would help support or local witches in getting to camp?”  The dream seemed so far away.  And then, it happened.  So far we have been able to supplement half of the fees for two witches to go to camp.

What’s more, the total number of AZ Reclaiming Witches to head to camp this year:  TEN.  We will be the AZ Tribe Witch Camp Caravan.  WOO HOO!  California Witchcamp!  Here we come!

Timbers and Stars

I used to think that I’d be a great teacher and would help many people come to know and love themselves. Today, I think if I helped just myself with those lofty goals that the whole world would be ahead of the game.
I used to believe that the witch’s power could shake the timbers and move the stars. Today I suspect that it is the practice of awareness and the spread of compassion that truly shifts the universe.
And I used to expect the Universe would deliver my wishes if I just asked the right way, as if there were an itinerary of Important Things To Do custom fit for just me and me alone. But now I realize in line at the grocery, in traffic, at work, at home, in nature, these are where the opportunities to make a difference lie.
I just forget where to look sometimes.labyrinth

Turning North

Turning towards the north, i saw the desert, the Arizona desert, wide and vast.  I welcomed the desert and stretched my arms wide to greet it.  I love the desert.
“I give you life,” the desert said. “The desert gives you life.”

Samhain 2015

Sunday, 11/1/2015 5:00 to 7:30 Pm @ private location.  Commune with ancestors and descendants as the veil grows thin… Release. Heal. Feast.


Ritual Intention:
Commune with ancestors and descendants as the veil grows thin… Release. Heal. Feast.

Join us to celebrate Samhain and travel to the underworld where we will work with generational information, wisdom, emotional release and healing. Gathering time begins at 5:00, ritual conspiracy starts at 5:30pm. Please bring the following if you can (all optional):

*Decorative items for our space– any skulls or Dia de los Muertos or halloween inspired items are awesome (you will take these home with you)
*A veil or scarf to cover your face for deep trance work
*Any items you like to include on our Ancestor Altar (you will take these home with you)
*A potluck share dish. Please label if vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free
*Folding chair
*Cash for our donation basket
*Any donations of firewood are especially appreciated!

Please remember Reclaiming rituals are “dry” and substance-free. (No drugs or alcohol.)

Are your gods real or simply beliefs?


The link above will connect you with John Halstead’s article on the subject of beliefs, God(dess)s,  and archetypes. It was published last month in the witchesandpagans.com website.

Does this article resonate with you? What are your experiences? Care to express your opinion?


                  Eagle Nebula


Reclaiming Arizona reveres the Goddess, the Earth, Healing, Self-Empowerment, Change, and Justice. We proudly claim the word 'Witch' and practice in the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition.